photo: artscapes > guardian of the trees

This was a fun project where I tried to create a future world where trees were grown in a Biodome. All items used to create this artscape came from my kitchen:

bio-dome – fruit bowl
Tree stumps – cinnamon sticks
broken path – brown egg shells
pebbles -  coriander
trees – broccoli
sand -  raw sugar
small pond – tart shell, food coloring and water
grass in Biodome  – green tea
dry water-depraved soil  -  Basmati rice and soy sauce
futuristic wire structure – metal whisk from mixer
tree greenhouses -  upside down spice jars
robot farmer – wine bottle-opener
farmer’s bag of fertilizer – bag of tea
little air vents – tips for a cookie-dough maker
metal smoke stack -  tube for cookie-dough maker
thin smoke stacks – spices in tubes in their rack
atmosphere – recycling bags

This is just a preview, click here to see this portfolio in full!