So that was July!

So looking over July, not much happened. We had crazy weather, with some very hot days and some quite cold nights (for July, that is) and here and there some pretty strong rain!


In some ways, I think I lead a very boring life. Not much happens and I don’t do much, but then again, I do find that little things happen that in some ways are funny to me when I look back on them a few days later. For instance, remember I was talking in my last blog post (or was it the one before that??) of my clothes line that broke. Anyways, my clothes line broke so I had to buy a new one and new pins… but it doesn’t just jump up and install itself; it has to be installed. Now if you knew me well, you’d know that I really don’t like to ask for help… if some comes along with help, I’ll probably take it but otherwise I’ll try to do it on my own. So here I go… hmmm… there is no way I’m going to get the cord on the wheel at the post at the back of the yard because I’m too short… and basically, I think it’s too high for just about everyone but now that means I need to get up on a step ladder. Oh, hurrah! … a step ladder, and a lone rusty post.. what fun! okay… so I lean it on the post and try to stabilize it as good as I can… still too high.. argh.. have to go up higher; this is not making me happy.  Okay, step higher now grab onto the clothes line, then the post and give it a good strong hug. Oh, hello mister post! Be nice.. I’m hugging you because I’m scared of falling over while putting this line up… so the post is nice and allows me to do that… so now I have to pull the line towards the post at the house… it’s on the patio and this is going to be easier. Phew.

Now the next thing is the line is way too long.. and I have a thingee that lets me wrap the wire in it and it should tighten it all but still I have something like 50-75 feet of wire left over. It’s really not pretty so I cut it. “Cut it”  sounds like I went ‘click’ and that was done.. but no.. it was not click.. it was ‘blick, clip, click, clap, mish, mash over and over for at least 20 minutes. Yes, to cut one measly cord. Let’s just say I’m not the strongest person to be doing this. But, I do get it done.  Now I put it in the thingee (which I don’t know the name of) and start winding it except that now it’s full of the wire and although it holds it without spinning out, I have done it wrong and I have a very loose and wobbly clothes line.. I swear, I’m like an episode of Mr. Bean putting up a clothes line. It’s probably very funny to everyone buy me. I sit down and look at it and feel quite discouraged. Should I cry? Will that help? Will it magically straighten out? heh… nope.. but I’m tired and I’m taking a break. I did get very lucky though as my son appears and says.. what the heck? And my only response is pretty much.. “WELL!! :-P ha.. so he’s like “I’ll fix it for you mom” … and I’m like.. do you want me to help.. He says, and why would I need your help? … so I respond sheepishly, because it’s probably going to be much easier with 2 people whereas he looks at me and says “So that’s why you were doing it alone? “  I’m adorable aren’t I? LOL

Besides the strong rains we’ve had, we’ve also had some pretty strong winds. Sometimes I go out in the evening and try to capture any birds that may be hanging around. This one evening there didn’t seem to be a bird in sight anywhere but there was a lot of wind. So much so that the hammock in the neighbor’s yard would fill up with air and look like a boat instead of a deflated sack… it actually looked pretty cool.

row row row your boat

I oftentimes go out for a walk in the evening and often close to when the sun sets. Usually I bring along a camera and the sun sets in a boring way. So I figure I’m going to leave the camera at home and I won’t drag around the weight and just have my walk and nothing to drag me down.  Not always, but often, I go up to where I went to school as a kid, then past the high school which is a music conservatory now and then do a big circle and come back down to my street and home. This takes me about 30 minutes. So, no camera, I leave. As I get to the top near my old school, I notice that the sky looks amazing. What you have to realize is that the school is high up and there is a road going  down from it that gives a fabulous view of a sunset. Of course, I have no camera. I grind my teeth a little and let it go.

Next couple of times, I bring my camera… it’s a no go, so I leave it at home again. This time I’m up by the school and I see a couple people leaving their yard with their cellphones and standing in the street. Of course, you guessed it, they are taking pictures of the sunset. This one is not only amazing, but even more extraordinary than that. There are rolling clouds all fired up.. and doing on forever. They are holding up their phones and taking pictures. Where is your camera, Maggie? Yep, it’s at home.  I guess I’ll bring it from now on I won’t have to tell a sunset story like men who tell of the fish that got away! … yeah, you know what I’m talking about! :-D

I have taken a few sunsets from my backyard though and although nothing like the ones I missed, still pretty… and yes, I cloned out the electric lines!

Sunset July 23sunset july 24

Also, this July I decided to take my bike out again. It’s been a couple of years and the reasons why are not important but let’s just say it’s been awhile. Long enough in fact that not only did the tires need air added, but partially done by pumping by hand before bringing the bike to the gas station to get them filled up. So I get ready to leave and ohhh…. I can’t brake with my back tire. My hand brake will not budge. The left one which regulates the front brake is working very well but not the back brake. I look online because again, I know nothing. Now there are many, many tutorials on fixing your bike but holy cow, I cannot find anything that looks like my bike. This is crazy. I don’t know what to do. I talk to Janne about it and he assures me it is probably an easy fix, that the wire must have rust on it and that needs to be taken care of. Okay, I can do that. So I bring out the CLR and use that. It does nothing . Next time I speak to him I explain what I did and he’s like… oh.. no…. no,no, no, no… that is no good and does not lubricate.. go out and water that right now and dry it off before it makes things worse. Oh, no… that was completely wrong. He now says you need WD-40. Okay, so now I buy that and now what? I’m so ignorant on so many counts and sometimes feel like Maggie needs an Idiot’s Guide for Dummies to Life. Apparently just spraying some of this on doesn’t quite do the trick. Now he tells me that you need to pull so that the inside of the wire is exposed and then spray there and spray in the clutchy parts too… and add enough and shake it so it goes into the line etc., and then leave it for a couple of hours to do it’s thing. O. M. G. it worked.. yes, the back brake now works. Now to get back on!!

So I decide the next morning I’m going to take a ride. It’s been quite a while but they say about everything that you should remember doing “It’s like riding a bike, you never forget”. Well, I didn’t forget, but I was a little wobbly. I have lost some of my balance and was not great at it.  I need to go out a few times to get used to it is all but I would like to be able to go to the duck pond and by bike would be SO MUCH FASTER!  Anyways, my excursion was not great.. I was a little slow and when there was quite a bit of traffic, I would just get off and walk the bike along. I think that you are all thinking, “Wow, Maggie, you are such a loser Wuss! “.  I swear I will get it. I did get home in almost one piece because at the last moment, I got home and from the road onto the grass when I plonked down and keeled over on my left side with the bike landing on top of me. I’m fine.. a few scratches and a bit of a limp for one day. I just need to build my nerves back up and push myself again. I’ll be fine., you’ll see and I’m not as big a wuss as you all are thinking right now. :-P

I think I should blog more often and perhaps not write so much, but that’s too late now as I haven’t blogged and now I have tons of very ‘unimportant’ things to say. LOL.

One such unimportant thing is that most fruit that I’ve bought this year has been pretty lame. Full of water, tasting like water and not much else. Now I have water in my tap and it’s much cheaper. I do have to say though that cherries this year have been incredibly tasty and sweet yet tangy and a great price. And of course, when I have not much else, I will take pics of whatever is in my fridge at the moment, so you know I’m going to have some photos of cherries!

6  cherries

 and of course, some more.. they are yummy, believe me!

cupful of cherries

I checked in my backyard today and my raspberries are just starting to be ripe enough to eat. A few more days. Of course, you will probably see some photos of them but not quite yet.. they are coming though.. and if good, perhaps I’ll make a raspberry pie.. oh yum!

As most years, at the end of July, Beauce Carnival comes to town. It’s a fair with rides and games and I don’t know when they started coming here but they did when I was a kid and they come every year. When you don’t have a lot of money to throw around, bringing a camera to the fair to take photos is very cheap because you only pay if you ride or play, and I don’t intend on doing either. In previous years I usually end up with one or two shots that I really like and that’s all that is important. I do have one image that I might like to recreate somehow as it was taken a few years ago, but I do not have the original any more and would like a big version.

Okay, well believe it or not, while searching to show you the image, I have actually found I do have it in the original large format… oh, well… here to show you a version:

carnival zoom blur

Pretty cool, right? It’s not a hard shot to do, all you have to do is be very still (perhaps a tripod – but I just braced myself) and zoom in or out while taking the shot. If you are well placed you will get a great shot, but of course it’s got to be late enough for the lights to show up!  Well, although when I got to the carnival it was warm and the sun was shining strongly, the wind was kicking up and I was getting cold and I left before it was dark enough for a shot like this to be taken.  The ground space was so much different this year and larger than before and so freaking noisy. I was getting a bit bored and although I have some typical fair photos, the only one I really like is this of a young girl that was in a plastic balloon and rolling around on water. I don’t have a shot like this and I really like it.

splish splash

I know it may not be obvious here, but she was having a fabulous time and when it was time to get out of the balloon, it was not an easy task as you have to somehow manoeuver it and it’s not easy. She had lots of fun and it was fun for me to watch… the best part of the hours I spent there.

As always, I really appreciate comments as it tells me someone has actually read all this, or at least skimmed through it quickly!