A little birdie told me

My, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged and a little birdie told me that it has been long enough.

I used to blog at least once a week or sometimes even more, but I had hurt my foot this summer and had complications and had to have my leg up without any pressure on it for a long while. It inhibited me from not only blogging but from taking photographs, from spending time online and I watched way too much crap television. I actually binged on it. I also did a bunch of pencil drawings and some watercolors. I tell you, when you do mostly digital work for a long while, going back to traditional threw me for quite a loop as once something is down on paper, it is not so easy to change. In photoshop, if you don’t like a color choice you made, well, hue/saturation to the rescue. On paper, you are done.. it’s baked, no turning back and if you hate it, well, it’s time for the garbage can!

Back to the birdie. Yesterday, while I was having lunch with my son, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something hit a window at the back of the house. I couldn’t see what it could be besides a bird. Well, it was. It was a tiny redpoll and it was laying on the ground and looked like it might be dead. We brought it in and rubbed it softly and then we could feel a pulse.  It didn’t look hurt, no broken wings or feet and no bleeding. It still look stunned but now its heart was beating hard. We went out on the front steps and put him down on a post and it just sat there and let me take pictures of it until it felt ready and then it took off to meet back up with his friends and I guess you could say, this was both our lucky day.

Hope you enjoy the photos and I would love any comments; it’s been so long.