I’ve been down in the dumps about my photography lately. I think there was so much to do in January and then so little afterwards. Feels like anything I think of doing, I’ve done then and this year winter has been unrelenting.  The weather website that I use, reported the other day that Quebec has had the coldest temperature since they’ve been recording how cold it gets so… yeah.. we are pretty much in a deep freeze.  Today was the warmest I’ve seen it this year – crikey, it was almost balmy with a -10C. Ha…

Anyways, I’ve have always found it very cool when I see pictures of snowflakes and have wanted to take pictures of a few for a bit of time but often when the weather is too cold, the snow that falls doesn’t have nice snowflake shapes. They are more like little cubes or columns. It takes humid weather for nice big fluffy snowflakes and today we had some weather just like that. Sort of. It snowed like that for a few minutes and then stopped. I placed my red woolen scarf outside to try and capture some but they were nowhere to be seen. Finally, around 5:45, I see some big fluffy ones coming down. They are not really huge -actually 1/8″ (that’s like 0.3cm )or smaller. Each fluff is several snowflakes stuck together.

Anyways, I got dressed and went out to try and get some photos as the light was fading quickly. It is not easy to do, as it was windy and trying to get focus since there was not a lot of light meant I had to use a medium shallow f-stop. I used F-8 but wished I could have used F-16 to get an entire snowflake in focus but it was just too dark and I was already shooting at ISO 1000. Again – just like with the soap bubbles, I knew it was going to be a recipe for mucho noise! I would have brought out lights, but hey.. these flakes like to be cold.  I, on the otherhand, do not. I did not last very long as my fingers were hurting and turning white but I did manage to get a few. Not perfect but cool enough to share, right?


Again, used Simon’s macro lens – I so love that lens, it isn’t funny!