Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas everyone,

My, oh, my the year is almost over. I have not posted many times this year but hopefully the New Year will be filled with interesting posts.Several weeks ago, I went with Simon to my neighbor’s and did a photo shoot with her kids. She’s been going through a rough year and we were both so happy to do something special for her. What a fun shoot. Normally I would show some photos here but these were taken in her private home andI don’t feel right showing them off on my blog.

Getting ready for Xmas, Janne suggested that we could do some nice tags using my winter photos, but I decided to do a small photo shoot of some ornaments instead.
His family tradition is to write rhymes and riddles inside that each tries to figure out before opening their gifts. It was fun to do. I’m not a very good poet but Janne
was pretty good and with the both of us, we were able to come up with some interesting rhymes!

We celebrate Christmas at my house on Xmas Eve as it has always been that way. My parents were from Europe and that was our tradition and we like it that way.
Here in Quebec, unlike English provinces and in the U.S. that celebrate the morning of the 25th, the Québécois celebrate right after midnight. At that point, our bellies
are full and our presents are open.
This year Simon and I also did the rhymes. Janne joined us via skype and we did our celebration together. It was loads of fun.

I was supposed to take pictures of the turkey that I made today for Carol but making that darned turkey was one hurdle after another. I smile about it now that we’ve
eaten and it was delicious (an loads tucked away in a tupperware pot for the days to come) but let me tell you how it went.

Usually, we buy the turkey a few days before Christmas and get everything for the stuffing at the same time. This year, Simon picked up the turkey early at the grocery store
so I completely forgot about getting both parsley and celery. So, I did use celery seeds instead but no parsley and all the stores closed. Oh, well… what can you do… then
I took the defrosted turkey out of the fridge and took off the plastic cover that holds it all together to find that instead of a bald turkey, we had a scalped one.. yes — no skin
at all over the breast area. I had never seen such a thing. When you buy the turkey, it has a huge emblem over that area so you could not see at all that it had no skin there.

So a bit of plastic surgery was needed. Flip the turkey, cut off the skin from underneath and bring it to the top, now do a skin graft. Oh – my. It was not  pretty. Do not ask me
to fix your face as I definitely am not prepared.

Finally once the skin graft done and the turkey stuffed with my make-do stuffing, I then usually cover it with foil for the first part of the roasting. Ha! Grab the aluminum foil and
guess what? only enough to cover this turkey’s butt. :-P What to do? what to do? Well, last night we had roast beef (which was delicious, by the way) so imagine me, starting to get
frustrated and peeved off, standing at the kitchen counter, washing off last night’s foil so I can have enough to cover the turkey so he wouldn’t be too indecent. Gotta love the holidays
in a small town when everything is closed.

All in all, everything turned out. The turkey was a little ugly but delicious and moist.


Here are some images from my xmas shoot. Also included is the Aurora Borealis photo I took on the night of the 18th-19th of December. The photo itself is not technically good and
quite noisy but the sky was so amazing I just need to share.  I was just off to bed;  it was quite late – 1:20 or so and I see through the window in the back hall, something that looks
like vertical lights. The window is a difficult one to see through, so I went to the  kitchen and lo and behold there, in the northern sky, like I had never seen in my life before, the Aurora
Borealis had streaked the sky with reds and purples and oranges. Amazing. I was in my bare feet with only a robe but slipped on Simon’s size 12 shoes and with my winter coat headed out
the back door. It was very cold, about -20 below and I took about 20 pictures. The one I’m showing is definitely the best. I was not prepared and it was  hand held, although I did brace
myself. Once I got in, and took of the coat and shoes, it was like it never happened. The sky was clear and not a northern light in sight. How fortunate I feel I  was.


Hope you all have wonderful holidays and I wish you the best for the New Year… 2015!