Leaves, leaves and more leaves!

Yes, finally, more leaves. I know it has been a long time but I got busy creating a set of slideshow stylepacks. I give them out for free but they take a bit of time to create and assemble into a video. When I first started doing videos, I found a group that answered all my questions and helped me learn the software very quickly. What I found out though was that many of these people were taking photographs of their kids, either birthday parties, graduations, some weddings and some travel photos. They were not professional photographers and were making these as family keepsakes. They oftentimes don’t have a lot of money and many of the styles were very amateurish or if not, quite expensive. So once in a while, I do a set of several that anyone can download and use for free. If you are interested in seeing them (especially if you are a Proshow Producer user), just browse through the Video section, you will find the styles there.

Then I created a video of my own works from this year and I should be uploading the video to my website quite soon.

So, it has been awhile but on the weekend, I decided to dye a few of the leaves and find inspiration and it was not long before I found several compositions that spoke to me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :-)