September 2013


Moods of Echinops

A month ago, a few photogs and I set a challenge to do a set of 3 or more photos in a collage style, such as a triptych or more. Shirley was the one to start it all, calling me out and then a dozen other photogs to take part in the challenge. How could I say no. I wanted to because my eyes were all wonky, but actually looking through the lens with just one eye, I could actually see straight so I said yes.

I personally would have preferred the challenge be done quickly, but most of the others wanted a lot more time. A month. So I did my shoot and asked them to remind me when it was due to upload. The challenge finally over, and yay, lucky me, I won, I now feel it is alright to show the set I did.

I took photos of Echinops (Globe Thistle). The stems were actually pretty stiff, but I felt that if I slowly coaxed them, they would bend and I could use them to create a sense with emotion. Ergo,the Moods of Echinops.

So we have Supporting, Comforting, Mourning, and Forgiveness.

I hope you enjoy them.




Peaches and Blues

Harvest time! Peaches, and blues and some green apples to share -

Wow, seems like forever since I posted anything here but I have not done a lot of photography. I did a couple shoots with the chipmunk, but he keeps on posing in exactly the same way as before so they look like they all could be taken on the same day!  I did another shoot for a fun round with some friends but several people have not done their shoot yet, so going to wait before posting that one (we had to do a triptych or a set of more than 3).

For anyone that follows here, my eye is getting better; much better. I’m still having a bit of a problem at the far edges and looking straight down towards the floor, but nothing like it was. I’ve been itching to shoot but we’ve had so much rain this summer that I have not been enticed outdoors. Yesterday, I decided to do a shoot with what I have in the house, which turns out are peaches and green apples and some blue Russian Sage. Feels good to something creative. I post-processed today and I’m pleased as I had a lot of fun.

Hope you enjoy my photos.

I almost forgot to add that I’ve been very busy with my other website, Shuttertactics and have some great articles and interviews that I think you may be interested in.

I did an interview with photographer Robert Watcher, who besides being a professional wedding and portrait photographer, does amazing on the street portraits of the people of Nicaragua, where he now spends more than half his years.  Eye on Nicaragua, An interview with Robert Watcher

I also interviewed Masha Cavallier, a wonderful and very creative photographer from Russia, now living in Toronto. She has such wonderful vision and brings her photography to new places by creating and designing fantasy shoots. Beautiful stuff.  Come fly with Me – an interview with Masha Cavallier.

Thelma Stewart is 86 years young and still going strong especially in photography. She only started using a camera 8 years ago and definitely demonstrates that we are never too old. She’s a true inspiration! Age is just a number – an interview with Thelma Stewart

A wonderful tutorial by my friend, Craig McNiven who explains how to create your very own planet, but better than anyone else I’ve ever seen do it. Perfect Worlds with Craig McNiven

and last but not least, a photography art history article on a pioneer photographer. Focusing on  Julia Margaret Cameron

There is plenty to keep you busy and to inspire you all!