baby on board

Guess it’s pretty obvious why it’s called baby on board, cause there is actually a baby on board.

I don’t usually do portraits of people, but when my brother called and said, Maggie, Jonathan and Ariane are going to have their baby soon; could you take pictures of Ariane’s belly, how could I say no.

I normally shoot outdoors or still-life indoors but certainly this was out of my comfort range. Simon had just left the week before and had all his equipment that I could normally borrow. Heck, he would have been able to do the shoot as that’s what he does.  But, hey, it’s family and we gots to do what we gots to do, right?

No time really to set up, they already have a little boy, Jacob and they are renovating the main floor, so the shoot happened in the basement that has very low ceilings (well, no ceiling would be the better word as there was just a bunch of beams, which in the end was a good thing.) Set up construction lights… yes, on a stand, but one of them no longer would light up and I also had a small construction light that we hung from those beams up above at an angle. Behind we draped bedsheets and for the black backdrops I had to use clothes pins to attach them. Shadows were pretty horrid but I needed the light from the side so not to get flat faces and they could not move far enough from the backdrop as the area is small. All in all, it was fine, because the sheets didn’t look good and I had to replace all the backgrounds. Oh yeah! :-D

I have to add that Ariane looked amazing. So beautiful and relaxed.  When we did the nude portion, she looked so amazing, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes; she looked so fabulous! These two are sure to have a beautiful baby! Healthy and happy, of course! :-)

This was last Saturday. Sunday evening, I have a nerve or something pop in my left eye. I’ve been to the hospital, the ophthalmologist and it will repair itself but it may take 2-3 months. Gah! So, it’s taken me all week to work on these images. I ‘m seeing double, one thing on top of the other, but if only looking through one eye, I see fine. I also see fine if I tilt my head to the right at an angle. When I walk around, I look like a lady that’s had a bit too much to drink without the pleasure of imbibing. One thing is good, I only need one eye to look through the viewfinder.

I got a call from Jonathan tonight; they were heading to the hospital to have the baby, so I’m glad we got the pictures done when we did. They are expecting a little girl, the reason for one of the background with all pink and hearts.

Hope you enjoy the photos, I may have to rework a few once my vision is okay as I might see things I may have missed.