May 2013


Spring two steps forward – then one step back

Winter was so long this year and finally I was pleased to see some spring action. A few tulips and green grass. It rained all week and was raining this morning when I got up but around noon, it started to snow. Not just a snowflake or two, more like a freaking snow storm. Yes, snow… just when you think it is finally over, it just keeps coming back!

So, what to do… put my naked feet into shoes and don a warm sweater and have the camera tag along.  In no time the grass was almost completely white but the snow flakes on the cherry blossoms were pretty. I took a few quick pics as my ankles were wet and cold but glad I went out as within an hour it had all melted and was like it never happened.

I also wanted to let you know about a new website I’ve started working on this past weekend.  Started is a funny way to say it as it was actually something that I intended to do about 3-4 years ago, but that never got off the ground. The domain was acquired and started on but the original concept was to have not only the website but also to have a team work on it and have a forum and small galleries for each person to show off their work but people were busy and it was hard to get it all together so it just lay there with nothing being done to it for a very long time.

Well, I’m resurrecting it but I’m scrapping the idea of a forum. I don’t have the time and energy to do it alone, and so many similar sites are available today, so …. Instead it will be basically the same website as I originally intended without the community. The site will not be geared towards gear but to photographers (both pro and enthusiasts) and our stories and learning through tutorials and interviews with photogs that may not be known but that could certainly use a bit of a spotlight shone on their interesting work.  I’m also looking for people that would enjoy writing articles either tutorials but also stories of their journey as photographers;  Anything from confessions of a gearhead to how you did your first portrait shoot etc., The site will also include some fun art history stories as I think it is interesting to know about the people that lay the foundations to this wonderful passion we all have and share!

The site has not yet been set to be indexed by Google as of yet,  as it is not quite finished and there are only 2 articles on it so far, but I’d love to hear your comments, your suggestions and hope that you will come by and visit. Maybe some of you would even be interested in contributing.

For a preview check this out


Tulip Encore

Just when you think spring has finally arrived, it plays a trick on you and brings back cold and frost.  Yes. I was quite excited that the weather had changed and the promise of flowers and green grass were just around the corner.  The weather has been wonky, but that is not very unusual for where I live. People say that Canadians are mild-mannered and laid back etc., but we have to put so much energy into fighting the elements that we have no battle left in us for anything else.  A little over a week ago, we still had tall snowbanks and then everything melted and we had a couple of days of +27C. It was actually quite warm, the windows were finally opened and I could see tulip buds growing under the backyard tree. Of course, foolish me, believing that spring was actually here. Now it is 0C out and snow is on its way.

So, I decided to go out and crawl under the tree, (the branches are very low, about 12 inches from the ground) and snip off a tulip and bring it in. If I can’t shoot outside, I’ll enjoy shooting in the warmth and comfort of my home. Here are my offerings, the first tulip of the year!



Playing with my food

Ah, yes, playing with my food… Well, I am so pleased to say that it appears that spring has finally arrived. I went out to take photos but everything is still pretty grey and brown,
but the weather is warm and sunny and I believe a few more days and there will actually be some pretty green growth to take pictures of.

In the meantime, I’m playing with my food. I had this idea of how through the centuries people have used food as the object of their paintings and I posed a few on a small easel and thought how fun they were. I did several, one with an egg, an apple, sweet peppers, but my favorites were the banana and the carrots. I then took a few more and then played with them just to have fun.  I guess I have never really grown up as I enjoy playing so much. It puts me in a space where I’m lost in what I am doing and not thinking about other things. It blurs away the worries and painful thoughts and helps to keep me sane. Hope you enjoy them. :-) and think about playing with your food for your photography too!



Ah, Project image no. 13. It had to be superstition, n’est-ce-pas?  I did hope to do a shoot with my cat (who is actually grey) with a pendant of a 4 leaf clover around her neck. Well, she hates anything around her neck.  It was an attempt to do a duality of good and bad luck, but as these things go,  it drives her nuts to have anything around her neck.  So, here she is,  my cat, Chiana, sans pendant.  I think it probably works better this way. Spookier.

We tend to think of a black cat as bad luck and the superstition is that if you cross one on the road, something bad may happen to you. I think that it is a human condition to believe in things that make you have good or bad luck. We believe in superstition.