April 2013

week 12 new banner

Deception etc.,

Well, I’ve had a rough last couple of weeks. Nothing I really want to talk about but I finally got my 12th image for this project done. I’m feeling a bit discouraged, but am trudging on. I tried to make the background kind of carnival/candy store look and hope it helps bring the idea of deception across.

Last week I took one of the images that I had from quite a while ago and played with it. The original raw is lost forever but I did have a decent size .jpg in a folder as I intended to use the image in a slideshow I did a while back for rural images. I don’t think I actually used it in the video as the sky was rather bland and the barn was washed out grey. There was a discussion on a forum about a song about murder in a red barn, and I tried to get the feeling of the song into this photo. I colorized the barn, with deep blood reds and a bit of dark rusty orange and pulled off some of that paint to show the grey wood beneath so that it wouldn’t look too flat. In the song, there is a part that talks about rain and gloominess, so obviously I had to add the rain and the gloom. It sort of fit my mood. It was fun though and made me feel like doing more….

so, I did. Since the last few days, with the exception of finishing the Deception today, I’ve simply been playing. A bit of snow on the ground and falling from the sky for my white horse and then I played with some more images giving them a bit of this and a bit of that… I hope you enjoy them.  :-)



Empathy, the human condition. What compels us to care about others. How can we uplift others? I hope this photograph can convey that message. Birds to me represent freedom and the strings are our heart strings, they are pulling on them and lifting them up.  We as humans, tend to have empathy, which is different than sympathy as we are not feeling sorry for them, but can understand how they are feeling and then try to help them because of that. I hope this photograph can bring that concept across.

Believe it or not, it is still cold and snowing here and that is no April Fool’s joke. Seriously am tired of this very long winter and anxiously awaiting grass and spring flowers.

I had planned a different human condition for this week but I hated the shot and the end result and binned it but yesterday I had an idea that I thought I’d explore and I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Empathy. I have also included a couple of pics of a bass guitar and a cute little novelty Mickey Mouse, that have nothing to do with the Empathy image but just sharing a couple shots I took for the fun of it.