January 2013



Here is my second image to depict something about humanity and this week I have chosen Mercy. Well, mercy me, I ‘ve found this difficult as since over a week, I have been under the weather with a pretty harsh flu. I’m better now but still coughing pretty deeply and since yesterday have pretty much lost my voice.

I had this idea of the earth being very dry and thirsty and giving it water and it allowed vegetation to grow as being merciful; water for the thirsty.  Obviously, it is more than just about giving water to the thirsty, you can make up your own analogies.

Being that it is the middle of winter, I had to create my own dried earth so used Plaster of Paris in a lined cookie sheet tray and left on the top of the fridge for 24 hours. I am not entirely pleased with the way the pretend dried earth cracked but it was so fragile that I couldn’t get it to break into better square shapes but I think it will have to do.  I don’t have the energy to do it over and I believe that it probably wouldn’t crack the way I want anyways.

I have been thinking of other ideas but many will have to wait until the spring where I can do the shoot outdoors. Right now the weather is all over the place. Last week, -40C and -50 with Windchill. Today, we are expecting -1 with 3-4mm of freezing rain. We will all be slip sliding away! :-D





sensualityI, with a group of other passionates of photography have decided to each take a theme and do a photo shoot a week for an entire year. Yes, 52 photoshoots. I’ve already have done the 30 day challenge where it’s a shoot a day where I did 2 a day, so 52 in a year didn’t sound too bad. I wanted to make sure that I push myself and do something that would be both interesting yet at the same time push myself further.

I decided to go with those things that make us human but without humans. I will have to think outside the box and that is good.

Sensuality, a human condition. Can we show it without people?

For my first shoot ( we are starting late in the month, but will continue until next January) I had an idea of using a violin to represent the shape of a woman’s back and use cloth draped to show her shoulders, her waist and her hips. I thought it looked sensual.  I only did about 10 shots, with the cloth that kept slipping down the violin’s back. I finally resorted to tape the cloth to the front of the violin to get the shot. I hope you like it.



featured - brightening up our winter days

Brightening up our winter days

Winter certainly has settled in. We have tons of snow and have had some incredibly cold days.  Luckily, I found some very pretty Evening Grosbeaks to brighten up our frosty cold days. I had never seen these before.  The last couple years, I’ve seen the red Pine Grosbeaks and found them incredible, but I have to say these were a wonderful surprise and worth the freezing fingers and excruciating thawing of said fingers afterwards. I do not do well in cold weather, I’m afraid.  I also was lucky to get some tiny little Common Redpolls  at the same time.  The bigger birds were happy to share.

Oh, and I had promised to post some good news a couple weeks ago, but never got around to it. The news was that one of my images had been chosen to represent our town’s Christmas Card and winter bulletin. I wanted to wait until I had received the samples from the town. I went and met with the person in charge and she was very sweet and I found out that it was between 2 images, and both were mine! How cool is that.?