Seed pod featured image

Late Bloomers

A photographer friend of mine did some photos lately of some beautiful seed pods.  It inspired me to try and do some also, and besides another photographer friend of mine remarked to me a few days ago that I had not updated my blog and maybe that I should do something about that. So, yesterday, at -18C, wearing blue woolen gloves and  armed with huge, sharp scissors, I decided to brave the cold and cut some dead seed heads and try to take some photos. Now, Tom’s seed heads look amazing, there are hints of khaki  and navy blue and some powdery dust all over; he lives in Australia. My Quebec seed heads were very brown and gray and not very exciting but amazingly, had shapes that still resembled blooms and I was enchanted enough to snip away and bring them in. 10 minutes out in the cold and my hands, although protected, felt like someone had hit them with a sledgehammer.  Ouch, winter is so lovely, but I have such a hard time with the cold!

Anyways, I set up in the kitchen and used this tiny little jar that is only a couple inches high but used it as a mini-vase.  I decided to take out all the color and use a bluish-black tone and not concentrate on the bland and insipid color and instead celebrate these fragile and delicate late bloomers.

p.s. I had not posted for a while because of some personal stuff that turned my world upside down but rest assured, health and love-life is still all fine, so for friends reading this, don’t worry.

I also wanted to post some good news I had received but wanted to post it with some samples so you’ll just have to come back and check and see when I can post … has that got you all intrigued? Good, so don’t forget to come back.



Here are some of the photos from yesterday’s shoot.