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Summer’s End

It has never been my intention to do tree photography but we have to appreciate what is around us. I live at the edge of town and am very close to the woods. Within a few minutes of walking,  you can enter the forest and into a whole different world. Janne sometimes jokes and calls me the ‘druidess’,  but I swear I don’t sing enchantments while dancing around them but I have come to appreciate their beauty and how lucky I am to have such amazing nature literally at my doorstep.

These photos were taken on one of the very last hot days of summer while everything is still green and luscious.  There is a section of trees on a rocky and mossy hill that always incite me to photograph them, as their roots are mostly exposed and although not hefty in girth, they are as tall as giants and feel quite majestic.  I hope you enjoy them.

p.s. As I was leaving the trail, I noticed a very pretty flower garden planted to hide a grey and mundane swimming pool that I thought I’d include.