June 2012

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Pudgy Wudgy was a Pear

It just came to me how if a pear was a girl, she’d have a pretty big derriere and would be considered pudgy for sure, but for those that like big butts and do not care, as delicious as can be!

Janne and I watch Masterchef Australia together  ( I love this show and nobody can do it as well as the Australians can). There is a girl on the show that is called Amina that has both a Asian and North African (Egyptian, I believe) background.  This mixture  inspired him to write a piece of music with these exotic sounds mixed and juxtaposed together for me to use in a slideshow of photos I’ve been doing of food.   I can’t wait to use it but I need more foody type pics.

This latest shoot is of pears. Coincidentally, these pears are from Africa, so it’s kismet, baby!  I wanted to try to do some shots that were very reminiscent of the classical old masters’ paintings with a technique called Chiaroscuro that uses light and shadow to bring forth the shapes and help create volume. I had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy them.

Oh, and you may be seeing more pears soon, as a have a few more that I just bought but that are of a different variety with a brighter fresher green and and some wonderful red splotches… now to come up with some new ideas for props! :-D




seagull blog featured what the duck

What the duck?


but mostly What the Seagulls!  Went down to La Source Gabriel, which is where many ducks come to pass their summers hoping to get some pictures. It’s a small quiet public park with a few benches where people go to feed the ducks, and to relax in a natural venue.  When we got there, some guy was setting up camp on the other side of the water and appeared to be settling down for a stay.  He had started a small fire (even though we are under a no-fire law in our town at this moment).

At first he was just settling down, taking off his pants (yes, he had some boxers underneath) but then he started yelling really loud. He didn’t like that the seagulls were making noise because I was feeding them. He starting coming around and clapping loudly and yelling for them to go away. Then he started throwing rocks!  Well, it worked but also scared all the ducks away too.  I finally went to the other side and mostly took photos of seagulls.

I have included only one photo of a duck. I had taken a few but most were just too boring to dare even show here, so I have one with it’s head in the water, and its butt in the air!

  •  Photo tip: When attempting to take photos of birds as fast as these gulls, bring someone along to feed them while you shoot away!
tutsi fruitsi featured blog picture


Simple and quick shoot. With simple white background and white board covered with a sheet of glass.  As long as you give yourself a good 12 inches between the food and the background and shooting with the aperture opened to anywhere from 2.2 to 4.0 will assure that you will not see the dividing line between the end of the glass and the background.  Really easy.

I thought I’d shoot some Physalis (ground cherries) and some strawberries. The strawberries were on the edge of being too ripe, so just took a few pics and decided that the one used as the header here would be the only one that would be useful. This is where the tomatoes came into play.  If I would have taken the tomatoes a day or two earlier, I would have been able to shoot a nice branch with the tomatoes attached, but only one was left on the vine.  The tomatoes were beautiful though, so thought they were worth a few shots.

  • Quick tip. If using a piece of glass or mirror, really take the time to make that very reflective surface impeccably clean as any tiny little dot of dust will show up in your photo, so much easier to get it right in camera right off the bat.

I’d love to hear your comments or questions. :-)

clear wing hummingbird moth blog featured

Little Things with Wings

Little things with wings

Little things with Wings  could be birds but also could be butterflies, bumble bees and moths.

Weatherwise, things have changed drastically.  It is very warm out, or rather, should I say, HOT!  One good thing about it is the flowers are blooming and attracting all kinds of flying creatures to point our cameras at.

Nothing much to explain about doing a shoot like this but to be patient and wait for the bugs to arrive.  Bumble bees are slow and easy to capture as they just go about their busy business and don’t mind you being around at all.  The hummingbird moths, on the other hand, flitter about very nervously and to be able to get a good picture of those clear wings, I had to shoot at 1/1000th of a second.

I usually don’t put text on my photos, but since it took so much time to actually Google and find the names of these tiny critters, I thought I’d write the names I found to help others trying to identify the insects they find in their gardens.

As always, I appreciate any comments or questions you may have!






A little of this and a little of that

Was raining out today and supposed to all weekend, but thought I’d do a bit of shooting anyways. I went out and roamed in the yard and picked up some forget-me-nots, some branches and some daisies that are not quite open.  The opening act to today’s shoot. I pulled out some slate tiles to use as my backdrop.

Since I had the slate out,  I figured I could also shoot something that would fit well with the rustic tiles.So,  onions, garlic and shallots and finally , for my sweet tooth, some oatmeal cookies that I made.

Hope you enjoy the photos, as always, I would love to hear your comments or questions. :-)