photo of smoke on black

I’m so excited!

Finally, this website is ready. I can’t wait to show it off to the world.  It’s been quite an experience, with many lows (my wanting to bash my head against the wall, feeling like an idiot (with tears included) not understanding how to get this whole thing to work properly and then moments of exhilaration when things finally work and my brain understands and stuff happens like it is supposed to.
I had a great little website for many years, but had been wanting one that had my own name in the url since I’ve been selling my work  through a gallery. I wanted people looking for Maggie Terlecki not to have to know who chezeury was; I mean, seriously, how could they?  It also gave me the opportunity to get rid my illustrations that had no place in my photography portfolio.

The biggest change though, is a fresh new look.  Sleek black and grey and lots and lots of devilishly hot RED!

Now maybe I can get back to taking photos!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come back to see what new projects I will be working on!

:-) Maggie

p.s., you’ll find a convenient RSS icon in the footer if you want to be updated when something new is added to the site!