Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Well, a little over a week has gone by and what has Maggie been up to, you ask? Of course, taking photos, being lazy, contemplating her navel, being lazy, taking a few more photos and so on and so forth; but you are here, so why not stay and take a look?

To start with, I’ll address the title of this blog: “Sweet Dreams are Made of These”.  I took some dandelion fluff photos (don’t know what they are officially called) but when I put it up on FAA, I got a comment from Michel that it reminded him of the Annie Lennox song and then another comment by Rene where she said it reminded her of the same thing. Now I can’t help myself and when I look at it, I hear Annie singing that song so I had to name the blog after that, because… who am I to disagree! :-D   Here is the image in question:

Sweet Dreams

I also did another dandelion fluff image that reminded me that apparently kids blow on dandelion fluff and make wishes.. and being a big kid at heart, I wished everyone could just close their eyes, and make a wish and I hoped all your dreams would come true. We could all use some good happening to us!

Close your eyes and make a wish

Besides the dandelion fluff images, I did take other photos albeit they didn’t make the cut for being sold but I think they are interesting in other ways.

Every year when my lilacs blossom, I get yell0w swallowtail butterflies and clearwing hummingbird moths circling it, sucking and nibbling away as if the best dessert were offered. This year was not different except it was. Usually the butterflies and moths are much bigger and so into the yummy treat that they completely ignore me and slowly chomp away. Not this year though. The swallowtail wingspans are normally about 4 inches wide, so quite bigger than regular butterflies. This year… only 2 inches or a little more perhaps?

yellow swallowtail butterfly

Some of them like the one above were in good condition, but some look like they just came back from war and needed hospitalization. I don’t know if they had been in a fight or just had extreme  trouble getting out of their chrysalis. Also the hummingbird moths were tiny and lacked vibrancy.  Looks how sad this looks:

humming bird mothHere it is not even feeding, just resting and warming up its wings

Look at a photo of a hummingbird moth from a previous year:

hummingbird moth


Besides being more vibrant and beautiful, this year both the moths and the butterflies were extremely jittery.  Maybe it was because although the sun was shining, the wind was cold and it was chilly. Believe me.. I think I was a little jittery too.

On Monday, there was an inauguration of a park that would be on main street downtown which has several places to sit down and have a coffee or a snack. The park would be called ‘Parc Albert Dumais’, named after the man that left the space in his will to the town and wished it would be turned into a park. How cool is that? I decided I’d pack up my camera and a couple lenses and go. I hoped to get there early to get a good spot but on the way met Susan, whom I had not seen since the end of last summer. We had a bit of a chat; she told me she was leaving for England on Tuesday as her daughter was going to Oxford! Holy Moly… She had just been in Jordan helping out at a Syrian Refugee camp trying to help get them passage way to Canada. Now in Oxford.. way to go girl! :-)   I got to the inauguration on time, but later than I hoped and was behind a lot of people. Of course, it started off with members of the town council:  the mayor, minister of culture etc., giving their prerequisite speeches: yada, yada, yada.. applause, applause, more yada, yada, and more applause. Finally the entertainment: Abidixie.  I was expecting some sort of Blues Band.. but as you can see in their name: Dixie.. it was a bit more dixieland but it was fine. It is probably not something I would buy to listen to, but they were good musicians and it was a nice time.


There was also a guitar player that is not in the photo but I didn’t bring a wide lens and would have to move backwards and behind the crowd so wouldn’t have been able to get a picture anyways.  I am also embarrassed to say that something unusual happened to me because of how I normally shoot.  I shoot manual. Never Aperture priority or the P or TV or whatever they are called. I learned how to use manual when I had a point and shoot and have always shot that way. My son used the camera on the weekend to shoot a girl, her boyfriend and her parents for her high-school graduation. The weather (as has been the norm this year) was all over the place; sunny, cloudy, raining, cold, warm.. argh.. so he put the camera to A: aperture priority. Ha… well, Maggie.. couldn’t get it out of that mode. Seriously. I didn’t know how.. How could it be that I have used a camera almost every day for the last 14 years and didn’t know this… I am really not used to letting the camera decide what it thinks I should do and  wanted to crawl into a ball to have to feel like I was not going to get any shots. It was very sunny out, there was tons of contrast and the wind was cold and here I was pretending to know what the freak I was doing.. .but didn’t.  A friend finally helped me out, but I kept thinking inside: God.. he’s going to think I’m such an idiot!

While I was there, I met Anni Leblanc who is a commercial photog from this area. I met her when I joined an art group exhibition a few years ago. Apparently she’s not doing her photography right now as there was water damage and mold and then she got ill and has finally just recovered. She told me she also had signed up to got to school in Laval every second weekend or so to take some photography/psychology courses.  I had never heard of this before but I wish her much luck. One thing I wish I had like her: the ability to sell herself. Man.. she knows how to work it. She has that instinct and the confidence. I could use an extra dose! :-D

I did take a few images, but mostly just of the people at the event.  Here this little girl is offering up a chip to the older lady. Maybe she’s her grandma or something but then maybe not. It was so sweet! Want a Chip?

There was also these two little boys with probably their dad. They had seen something higher up.. it’s a bird, it’s  a plane.. I don’t know… maybe it’s superman! :-D

Look Up

The event was almost over when I noticed this guy that I recognized. Yes, a guy that I have befriended on Facebook but that I used to go to school with. He was moving in front of the crowd to get better photos. Yes, like me, he brings his camera around with him all over the place. Although we went to school together, we really didn’t talk. I think we were both too shy but on Facebook we’ve become friends because we share the same passion. He does mainly landscapes and as most of you know, I do mostly still-life but also like me, can’t help from taking pictures of everything else! :-D LOL.

I’m really not an extrovert type of person but I took my courage in both hands and blind-sided him and said hello! I think he was quite surprised to see me. It was pretty noisy at the event, but we sat down and had a bit of a chat. Some lady came and asked him for a book of his photos and he left for a short time to get one. He lives very close-by (so close you could practically spit to clean his windows!) and later he got me a copy to show me too. Gorgeous photos.. holy cow. I don’t do landscape but I know good when I see it and his stuff is really good.  He had to leave but gave me the book as a gift. How kind, right?  I live close to the woods so one day we’ll go and shoot together. That would be great. I was so pleased to meet him. Great Guy!

The next day there was a lot of chirping going on in my backyard. I went out to see and found that there was many juvenile birds that were learning how to fly around. They were pretty big for juveniles but some birds are like that. I wasn’t really sure if they were grackles or starlings but the net says probably starlings. If you know better, please let me know and I’ll correct it here!  It was again, kind of cold but sunny and very windy so I found them both cute and hilarious at the same time. Loos at the one to the left.. trying to keep his balance… and how funny the one to the right is with his feathers all lifted up like that.. haha!

Windy out there

then a quick pic of some columbines


then back to the birdies

Ruffled FeathersWould you look at those feathers? so cute!

then of course, I’m distracted by tall grass with lupine behind. Yes, the lupines are pretty but I like them as a backdrop in here!

tall grass

And then again, back to the birds… yes, yes.. don’t call me a bird brain, please! :-d

Pick that nose

Here I’m not sure if he’s scratching his head or picking his nose.. I’ll say he’s picking his nose.. that’s way funnier! :-D

Besides hanging around on the telephone and cable wires, they also sought food in the grass but when a plane passed overhead, they head for the trees!


Then yesterday, I went out and picked some Irises from the front yard. I brought a bunch to my neighbor Lyne and today I took some pics of mine to share with you all.  They are not the same Irises that are on the Quebec flag but Siberian Irises but they usually bloom on St-Jean, which is my province’s holiday on the 24th of June so I consider them like ‘my’ St-Jean Irises. This year they are a few days late… but as I repeatedly said several times in this blog post.. the weather has been weird!

Siberian Iris

Although they look like they are only one color, they actually are hiding an array of yellow and white lower down


They will not last very long.. a few days at most but I think they are beautiful. I’m easily pleased.

Most of these images are simply shared via my blog for those that like to know how my mind works and what I take photos of. The only images that I uploaded to FAA are the dandelions as I thought they were good enough. the other are just photos that I need to take.. even though they will never go far. Some of the photos are bigger than what are shown here but if you click on them, you will be able to see them a bit bigger.

As always, I adore it when people come by and even so much more when they take the time to leave a comment. Hey, so and so came and read this.. and then I think perhaps if you didn’t write a novella every time you blog, maybe more would come.. maybe more would comment!

Now off to watch some Masterchef Australia that I downloaded. So much better than the Canadian, American, British etc., Masterchefs… the Australian one has SO much heart! nothing can compare!