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I thought spring was finally here

As the title suggests, I thought spring was finally here. Yes, a little over a week ago, there was still a few feet of snow outside but then it rained and rained, then 22C and then more rain.. until it was all gone. Not only gone in my front yard which faces South, but also on the other side of the street which takes much longer to disappear as it is usually in the shade and takes a long time, but oh, my! the rain.. it made it all disappear and I was feeling exuberant and happy as winter seemed to be finally gone and spring finally here… oh, my.. again, what a fool I am. Of course, I should have known better. Of course it is not over!! What was I thinking?

On Friday, it rained and on Saturday, it rained again and then got cold .. and colder, and around 7pm the rain had turned to sleet and then through the night we had a snowstorm. Yes, you heard me right.. a freaking snow storm.  On Sunday, I looked out and waited for it to melt, hmm… but melt it did not, it just stuck there sneering at me.. looking me in the face and saying, nah, nah, nah, nah, naaaah!  So yes, it was back. I went out in the late afternoon, and the snow was filled with water and ice and was extremely heavy.  Then it snowed again… and Monday morning became a slip and slide situation. ha! It snowed again. Not as much, but still… s.n.o.w. … it is so necessary in December as Xmas wouldn’t feel the same without it and January, oh, my.. so beautiful.. I mean, it is cold, of course, but gosh, so pretty. February comes and some days it’s pretty, some days, you are almost screaming.. Go away already… I’m tired of shoveling. I could stand to see some greenery. March comes along and you start to feel hopeful and of course, April… it’s Easter and people are showing off their wonderful egg hunts and their spring flowers… I have some too, but I have bought them at the store.. everything is still covered and smothered in snow.  So you can understand that it’s May 9th, and we still have snow.  I’m disappointed but feel a little guilty about it because further South, in the Montreal region, there are plenty of places that are dealing with flood. So, snow is way better.  But Still!!!  okay, okay, they say that tomorrow will not be freezing, announcing 12C but I’ll not believe it before I see it.

Besides that, well, I’ve written a basics tutorial about Still Life Imagery and doing the setups etc., on shuttertactics ( yes, one of my websites that lay dormant for a while, but that I’m trying to revive). You know you want to read it.. and I’ve included a bunch of still life images that make it even more worthwhile.. check it out here:

Besides that, I’ve done more tulip photos that I will add here. In the featured images at the top, you can see an aster with a violin that I took with a small bouquet I bought at the store, but the flowers weren’t very exciting and truly didn’t last very long. At least it gave me an image to put at the top of the page.

Before I add some of the images that I have taken, I’m going to add some links for those that are interested.

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Okay, now some images

I think my favorite is The White Tulip and the Green Apple. What’s your favorite?

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