Mostly Cherries

I love cherries. They are so YUM but they are usually quite expensive but when they are in season they are so affordable and taste better than any other time of the year.

Of course, this means, that I must take some images before chomping down. I had a bit of a struggle this year but I think it was simply because I use the same props over and over all the time and then I feel a little like I’ve done this before. See the image of the martini glass – oh yeah, well, you’ve seen it with raspberies, blueberrries, blue Curaçao and even popcorn. Now, it’s cherries. Best thing is that once the shoot is over, you bring your prop to your desk while uploading your images and pop one after the other in your mouth. HA!

So, many images with cherries today. I’ve not uploading them all as I did some in a low container and I felt the container was not the right shape to show the cherries off. I also photographed them in these beautiful milk white vase but was not impressed with the end result. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll give it another go; you just never know! When I think of how many different ideas I work with for an image and the different types of containers that I try it with and then change backgrounds and what my subject is sitting on etc., it makes me laugh to hear people say that photography is easy. Yes, it can be; you can simply point anywhere and just click.  You might get really lucky and get a shot here and there but I can assure you that working to get your subject will give you better results and actually make you feel good as you have put so much of yourself into it.

Once that is done, then it’s time to tweak those images. Heck, they are taken in RAW format which means the camera does not one iota to make your images what they finally become. They often look more flat and less vibrant than your eyes saw so you help them along to become the image you wanted to share. There have been a few conversations around my head lately about purists and not using Photoshop to post-process them. To me, that would be like Ansel Adams coming back from a shoot and dropping his film at Walmart for the 1 hour quick development plan. Please, if you want your photos to truly reflect who you are, make them yours. Make your own decisions and don’t leave those choices to your camera.  Always remember, you are the artist.

I also took a few photos of 2 of my peonies that are past due but that I still find beauty in them. They dry slowly as they sit in the vase and slowly sip their last drops of moisture and slowly wrinkle and become like beautiful old ladies that still pin up their hair and still have a twinkle in their eye. You not only see the beauty they once where you find them just as fabulous when past their prime.  I hope one day when I’m wrinkled (okay, okay – more wrinkled than today – lots more wrinkled) that I will still be considered fabulous by someone.

I was going to post this yesterday but while I was doing my post for my images, Chiana, my cat, got on my desk and I was having a problem as her butt was in my way. I always place my Wacom in front of me and move my keyboard to the left at an angle for my shortcuts in PS. Well, mademoiselle did not appreciate me pushing her behind a little so started wagging her tail (for all you dog owners, unlike doggies, when kitties wag their tails they are annoyed) and this whipping of her tail was hitting the programmable buttons at the top of my intuos. She make something crazy happen and my work was zooming in and out and I couldn’t stop it  — nor save etc., So I had to reboot and at the end of it all, just decided to call it a night.  Which ends up being fine because I post-processed the ‘still life with cherries’ today and perhaps would not have included it in this blog post.

Today, I’m having trouble posting images on Google+ that link to where I sell them online. Not sure what is going on. Waiting for an answer from the Google+ community as I don’t seem to be the only one with the same problem. :-P Reminds me, I should put up a tab here for people that may be interested in my work.

Well, I hope you enjoy the images.

much love,