Hi there, I’m Maggie Terlecki; thank you for your interest in my portfolio!

I take pictures of things I feel a connection to, a way of sharing my feelings, my world, and my place in it. My approach to photography is essentially the same as how an author uses words to write a story. Hopefully, just as you can relate to a writer by reading his novels, you’ll find my voice and vision within my work. At least you’ll know me better than by just reading these few paragraphs!

I live in Val-d’Or, “the valley of gold”, in a remote region of Quebec, Canada. If you live in the Abitibi region, you will find my photographs and portfolio available for viewing at:

La Galerie Gaetz
498 3e Avenue
Val-d’Or, Quebec

All my photos are available as limited edition prints. If you would like a price quote and or further information, or if you simply wish to contact me click here!
I speak and write English and French.

portrait of Maggie Terlecki